Audi Middle East and Museum of the Future enter 3rd year of partnership, with the showcase of the revolutionary activesphere concept

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Audi Middle East and Museum of the Future have announced the arrival of the revolutionary activesphere concept car, marking a new chapter in their ongoing collaboration. As the latest concept model is taking centre stage at the museum, the Audi activesphere represents the latest pinnacle of innovation. This captivating member of the sphere family, alongside the grandsphere, the urbansphere, and the skysphere, embodies Audi’s vision for dynamic and personalised experiences.

One of the distinctive activesphere features is its unique transformative capability, which allows the car to effortlessly switch from a sleek Sportback into an open “active back”. This provides ample space for adventure gear, catering to the diverse demands of modern life and facilitating a seamless transition from city commutes to weekend getaways. In its pickup transformation, the activesphere is ready for transporting top-class sports gear, offering enough space in the cargo bed for two e-bikes. This versatile design ensures adaptability for various lifestyle needs, making it an ideal companion for any journey.

In terms of design, the activesphere‘s exterior reflects the concept car’s bold character, while its 4.98-meter length and 22-inch wheels create a commanding presence on the road. The iconic Singleframe grille, reimagined as a bold design element, adds a futuristic touch, while the front and rear lighting elements transform into versatile animated displays with hundreds of triangular pixel segments.

The interior of the activesphere becomes a harmonious space where passengers can connect with the outside world. Technologically, the innovative operating concept, dubbed Audi dimensions, combines the physical and virtual worlds, offering augmented reality for mobility. High-tech headsets provide a view of the real environment and the route, simultaneously displaying 3D content and interactive elements. This avant-garde interior design not only creates a unique ambience where passengers feel at home but also ensures they stay connected to the world outside, representing a revolutionary blend of comfort and cutting-edge technology that significantly enhances the overall driving experience.

In autonomous mode, the Audi activesphere concept redefines innovation by seamlessly concealing the dashboard, steering wheel, and pedals, especially in the first row of seats. This disappearance creates a spacious environment extending to the front end and beyond, offering passengers an unobstructed view through the fully glazed Singleframe. Simultaneously, the autonomous chauffeuring capability on suitable terrain elevates freedom for drivers and passengers. The variable ground clearance, adjustable by 40 millimetres, further enhances both off-road capability and aerodynamics, providing a versatile and futuristic driving experience.

To complement the futuristic capabilities, design, and the technology, the activesphere boasts the strong performance, which Audi is synonymous with. The intelligent electric drive technology of the activesphere provides fast charging times, with just 10 minutes sufficient to power it for over 300 kilometres. The 100 kWh battery charges from 5 to 80 per cent in under 25 minutes, offering a range exceeding 600 kilometres. With no local emissions, thanks to 800-volt technology, the activesphere effortlessly integrates sustainability, dynamics, and long-distance capability, representing the pinnacle of cutting-edge electric vehicle technology for a high-performance and eco-friendly driving experience.

Majed Al Mansoori, Deputy Executive Director of the Museum of the Future stated “We extend our appreciation to Audi Middle East for the collaborative unveiling of the transformative activesphere concept car at the Museum of the Future. This milestone in our ongoing partnership underscores the commitment to innovation and corporate excellence shared by both entities. The activesphere, a pinnacle of Audi’s vision for dynamic and personalised experiences, strategically aligns with the UAE’s future-forward objectives. Through our partnership, Audi Middle East communicates its electrification and sustainability plans, mirroring the strategic initiatives outlined by the Museum of the Future and the UAE government. The activesphere, a symbol of innovation and corporate foresight, invites visitors to witness first-hand the future of premium mobility. We look forward to further collaborations that redefine industry standards and contribute to a sustainable and visionary corporate landscape.”

Rene Koneberg, Managing Director of Audi Middle East, stated: “The Audi activesphere concept represents our vision for the premium mobility of the future, and we are excited to showcase it to the public at the Museum of the Future. It underscores Audi’s unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability, providing visitors with a glimpse into the future of mobility. More than a static concept, it serves as the blueprint for Audi’s upcoming models, showcasing transformative technologies that will redefine the automotive landscape. The activesphere’s arrival is an invitation to experience the future of mobility firsthand.”

Visitors to the Museum of the Future can get a close look at the Audi activesphere, which will be on display as part of the ‘Tomorrow, Today’ exhibition, until June 2024.


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