BMW’s Electric Future: The Next Generation

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BMW is gearing up for a monumental shift in its vehicle lineup with the introduction of its battery-electric Neue Klasse platform, set to debut in 2025. This innovative platform will underpin the next-generation iX3 and i3, both slated for release in 2026. Unlike the previous i3 hatchback, the new i3 will be a distinct model unrelated to its predecessor.


The iX3 and i3 will serve as electric counterparts to the popular X3 and 3-series, respectively, with both of these models also scheduled for redesigns. The X3 is expected to receive its refresh later this year, while the 3-series makeover is set for 2026.


CLAR II Platform and Future Plans


Meanwhile, BMW’s internal-combustion variants will continue to utilize the CLAR II platform, currently employed by the gas-powered 5-series and 7-series, as well as the electric i5 and i7. This dual-platform strategy is anticipated to persist until at least 2035, after which BMW plans to transition to a fully electric lineup.


Changes in Body Styles


In terms of body styles, BMW enthusiasts may bid farewell to some beloved models. The Z4 roadster is not expected to see another generation, and there are no plans for a coupe variant of the Z4 line. Similarly, the 8-series coupe and convertible are likely to be discontinued, with the next-generation model potentially only available as a four-door Gran Coupe. However, speculation suggests that an electric i8 equivalent may emerge from this transition.


Alpina and Rolls-Royce


BMW intends to elevate its Alpina-fettled models to compete more effectively with Mercedes-Maybach, positioning them further upmarket. As a result, Rolls-Royce may forego a replacement for the Ghost, with the upcoming Alpina B7 serving as a potential successor. Rolls-Royce is expected to focus on exclusivity, potentially introducing a convertible version of the electric Spectre coupe and offering bespoke customizations for discerning clientele.




As BMW prepares for a future dominated by electric mobility, its strategic decisions reflect a commitment to innovation, luxury, and market competitiveness. While some beloved models may bid farewell, the promise of cutting-edge technology and unparalleled luxury ensures that the BMW driving experience will continue to captivate enthusiasts and drivers alike for years to come.



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