Chery UAE and AWRostamani: Accelerating Luxury and Innovation in the Emirates

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The United Arab Emirates represents a coveted market where brand success is a strong indicator of global appeal. Chery UAE’s entry signals a strategic alliance with the revered AW Rostamani Group, tapping into the country’s receptiveness to quality Chinese products. Offering a range of vehicles that blend luxury, youth appeal, and sustainability, Chery emphasizes innovation through intelligent driving technology. This partnership promises to enrich the UAE’s automotive landscape with Chery’s global repute for excellence and AWR’s trusted history.


As Chery’s first 3S facility in Sharjah, encompassing a showroom and service and spare parts centers, the collaboration offers an initial set of vehicles with a unique blend of features appealing to different customer segments.


The TIGGO 8 PRO MAX combines luxury with high-tech features, showcasing a sophisticated design and premium materials for an upscale driving experience. It includes a powerful 2.0TGDI engine paired with a 7DCT transmission, delivering 254 Hp and 390 Nm of torque, and offers advanced safety with 9 airbags and 16 Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) functions, as well as 10 Sony speakers.


The TIGGO 8 PRO Plug-in Hybrid emphasizes sustainability with its eco-friendly approach. It offers a comprehensive range of 900 km and an EV range of 75 km, showcasing its dual commitment to performance and environmental consciousness. The model is equipped with a 3DHT powertrain and boasts features like a 540-degree HD camera, voice control, and massage seats, aligning with its luxury ethos.


Lastly, the TIGGO 7 PRO MAX is tailored for the youthful, energetic lifestyles of teenagers and young adults, focusing on a sleek, modern design and technological advancements. It is equipped with a top ten in China, seven-speed wet twin clutch 1.6TGDI engine, 7DCT, and produces 197 Hp and 290 Nm. This model also features 14 ADAS functions, 10 Way Seat Adjustment, an 8 Sony speaker system, ensuring a tech-rich and dynamic experience for its users.


With AW Rostamani’s legacy fueling their journey, Chery’s new line-up is set to conquer roads and hearts alike. There is a strong encouragement to keep eyes peeled for the highly anticipated unveiling of showroom number one in Sharjah.


For further information, please visit or call 800CHERY(24379).

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