Iconic BMW M1 and modern BMW XM on display at Sharjah Classic Cars Festival 2024

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The Sharjah Classic Cars Festival 2024 has brilliantly intertwined the past and present, bringing together two automotive legends: the iconic 1972 BMW M1 and its modern counterpart, the 2022 XM. The festival commemorates the 50th anniversary of the first-ever M series car, showcasing a seamless blend of automotive heritage and cutting-edge design.

The festival captured the attention of its audience with the captivating showcase of one of the world’s most exquisite cars. Distinguished by its pristine white adorned with long, harmoniously overlapping blue-red stripes, this automotive masterpiece bears the artistic signature of its designer Paul Braque. Its streamlined structure not only enhanced its visual appeal but also ensured its enduring excellence and longevity, consolidating its esteemed position in the automotive world.

In addition to its stunning wedge shape designed by renowned Italian designer Giorgetto Giugiaro, the BMW M1 flawlessly combines both sporty and aesthetic character. Its features include folding and fully flat headlights, along with black strips above its rear windows and a low height of 1.14 Meters. However, the most striking aspect is its unique status as the only one of its kind in the world, adorned with the logo of the famous German manufacturer duo in the corners of its body at the back. With only 453 copies of this unique car produced, it still stands as a rare gem.

Technology ahead of its time

The BMW M1 boasts the power and speed characteristic of other BMW cars, yet it distinguishes itself with a six-cylinder rear engine producing 273 horsepower and 330 Newton metres (Nm). Its ultra-lightweight design, tipping the scales at only 1300 kg, propels it far ahead of its time, reaching a top speed of 262 kmph and earning the title of the fastest German car of its era. Serving as the solid foundation for the BMW M88 engines, M1 became an iconic vehicle and the most famous car from 1975 to 1980 before making a notable entrance into the world of Formula 1 races in Europe.

In 1979, the BMW M1 emerged as an icon of art and speed thanks to its unique design by American artist Andy Warhol who infused vibrant colours into the BMW Procar 1979, making it a unique masterpiece. This exclusive automobile came with a hefty price tag of $115,000, equivalent to the cost of two Ferrari 308s.

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