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The coffee-shop long stare can mean one is in deep contemplation or merely trying to let a cup of caffeine connect the mind up with where it needs to be. There are plenty of them in Dubai, Sharjah and the Northern Emirates that look out through clean glass panels out onto the busy city highways. It’s easy to start playing a count the vehicle model game. The Renault Koleos is one whose frequent presence shows its popularity. What is it that the drivers love so much about it? This masterful blend of robust functionality and sophisticated style combines rugged capability with luxurious comfort.


With prices starting affordably at Arabian Automobiles, the Koleos offers powerful choices, while the dynamic 2.5-liter petrol capacity provides robust power for spirited driving, ensuring the right balance of efficiency and performance for any scenario. Its smooth automatic transmission simplifies driving by providing seamless gear transitions enhancing comfort. 4WD, drivers can confidently handle both the city’s paved roads and dustier challenges, making the Koleos a versatile fit for all.


Inside, the cabin welcomes you with abundant space and plush seating, which means passengers can stretch out and feel at ease. With the R-LINK 2 system, drivers gain a central hub for connectivity and control, making it easy to navigate, enjoy multimedia, and manage vehicle settings, all within an arm’s reach. The Bose sound system elevates the in-car entertainment with concert-like audio quality that can turn any drive into an auditory experience to look forward to.


Safety is also a top priority, with a comprehensive suite of driver aids ensuring peace of mind on every journey. These include factors like Easy Park Assist that measures the available space and works out lines of approach. All the captain has to do is manage the accelerator, brakes and gears. Sensors at the front, rear and sides and reversing camera benefit from 360° protection, which is an assurance that both soloists and group leaders can appreciate.


Whether it’s sitting in the Dubai traffic or zipping from emirate to emirate at night-time, the Koleos is the ideal companion for the discerning driver who wants to be where performance meets style.


To explore the Renault Koleos, visit your nearest Renault of Arabian Automobiles showroom in Dubai, Sharjah, and the Northern Emirates.

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