Kia Middle East and Africa unveils ‘Platform Beyond Vehicle’ business, redefining the future of mobility in the MEA Region

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Kia Middle East and Africa announces the forthcoming introduction of its revolutionary ‘Platform Beyond Vehicle’ (PBV) model in the MEA region, scheduled for 2026.

To celebrate the announcement, Kia is hosting an event to introduce the modular vehicles on February 20th and 21st, 2024, at Banyan Tree, Bluewaters Island, Dubai. Guests, including media representatives, governmental entities, fleet customers, and business owners from key markets across the region, will be in attendance to witness the unveiling of Kia’s latest total mobility solution.

Kia’s PBVs represent the brand’s vision to be a Sustainable Mobility Solutions Provider beyond the traditional concept of automobiles. As such, PBVs are a powerful combination of fit-for-purpose EVs with advanced software technology designed to open the door to new businesses and lifestyles – by reimagining the concept of space thanks to advanced, tailored interiors that provide flexibility and freedom.

The newly established model aims to address the unmet requirements of a diverse customer base within the MEA fleet vehicle segment. It will provide tailored mobility solutions optimized for the region’s specific market and business conditions, helping to overcome challenges related to limited transportation options and one-dimensional product offerings that currently exist.

SooHang Chang, President, Kia Middle East & Africa, commented on the new model: “The introduction of Kia’s PBV to the Middle East and Africa signifies our commitment to pioneering future-forward mobility solutions for fleets across the region. Operating on a customer-centric model, the PBV business is dedicated to delivering freedom and flexibility through modular, customizable vehicles catering to the diverse needs of businesses and individuals alike. Above all, Kia’s aim is to ensure all PBV vehicles are simple to operate and intuitive to engage with, regardless of where, when and how they are used.”

“The debut of this product marks a significant milestone for Kia Middle East and Africa since our brand relaunch in 2021, and we will continue to meet the rapidly evolving needs of the market reiterating our position as the leading sustainability mobility solutions provider in the region,” he added.

Simplifying user journeys: Kia PBVs

Utilizing ‘Easy Swap’ technology to flexibly address the diverse demands of customers, a single vehicle chassis can be utilized to fulfill multiple mobility needs. The PBV can operate as a taxi during the day to a delivery van at night with the integration of a variety of interchangeable upper bodies or life modules. Further customization is possible with the PBVs ‘Dynamic Hybrid’ weldless body structure assembly, which permits adjustments according to the required vehicle purpose.

The brand has plotted three distinct phases that make the Kia PBV roadmap to offer tailored solutions according to customer usage patterns. Phase one will oversee the introduction of Kia PV5, a versatile EV for major domains such as hailing, delivery, and utilities. Phase two will see the completion of the dedicated PBV line-up, with PBVs evolving into AI mobility platforms that interact with users using data, consequently ensuring vehicles are always up to date. Finally, phase three will oversee Kia PBVs evolving into highly customizable, bespoke mobility vehicles that integrate the future mobility ecosystem; this will lead to the nurturing and thriving of an automated environment for driving, advanced air mobility, and more.

Kia PBVs will be available in the MEA region from January 2026. For more information, visit

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