MG Unveils Groundbreaking EXE181 Concept as the British-born Brand Continues its Centenary Celebrations

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British-born MG Motor has unveiled its show-stopping EXE181 concept car at this year’s prestigious Beijing Auto Show, highlighting the brand’s rich heritage and relentless pursuit of cutting-edge technology. This reveal of this spectacular supercar concept comes during MG’s centennial celebrations, showcasing the brand’s continued commitment to pushing boundaries globally and regionally.

Unveiled only weeks after MG’s new Cyberster model journeyed across the Middle East, the EXE181 concept car is further evidence of the brand’s desire to embrace the future of electric mobility. Similar to the Cyberster electric sportscar, which made its debut as a concept in 2021, the EXE181 represents a leap forward into a new era of automotive innovation and excellence.

Developed by the brand’s UK Design Centre, the EXE181 concept car pays tribute to the legendary EX181, a vehicle that set a world speed record for its category in 1957 that still stands to this day. This historic achievement by Sir Stirling Moss endures as testament to MG’s engineering prowess and commitment to excellence. The EXE181 takes clear inspiration from the EX181’s design, featuring aerodynamic shapes to reduce drag and enhance efficiency. Its sleek and sophisticated exterior showcases MG’s brand design passion for sports, innovative spirit, and the relentless pursuit of dreams.

The concept car is equipped with a new high-performance three-electric system, including a centrally mounted semi-solid-state battery and high-speed electric motor, representing MG’s tireless pursuit of cutting-edge technology. Engineered to defy limits, the EXE181 aims for a top speed of 415 km/h. With a drag coefficient of 0.181, it also prioritises efficiency, meeting key demands of the new energy era.

The interior of the EXE181 reflects its purposeful design, with a lightweight and compact structure designed for straight-line speed. The front cockpit opens entirely forward, and the seats pay homage to the original British TARTAN design, combining tradition with modernity. Furthermore, the EXE181 features a unique UI design inspired by aircraft cockpits, incorporating a streamlined steering wheel display and Head-Up Display (HUD) to enhance the driving experience and focus.

Tom Lee, Managing Director of MG Motor Middle East, said: “The unveiling of the EXE181 concept is yet another clear demonstration of the eye-catching progress that the MG brand is making both globally and regionally. This concept car embodies MG’s core values of innovation and design excellence, showcasing our commitment to pushing boundaries and shaping the future of automotive technology.”

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