Nissan Teases 2025 GT-R with Limited Production Run, Hinting at R35’s Potential Finale

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Nissan has unveiled the Japanese version of the 2025 GT-R, adding weight to rumors of its limited production run as predicted by last week’s Mag X report. The report suggested that 2025 could mark the end of the R35 generation, a claim supported by corroborating details, though Nissan has yet to confirm production cessation or provide details about the U.S. model.


Speculation surrounds the potential conclusion of the Nissan GT-R R35’s tenure, a notion not entirely unexpected. The revered Japanese sports car has been in its current generation since 2009, with incremental updates and a significant increase in base price over the years. However, the essence of the all-wheel-drive powerhouse, affectionately dubbed Godzilla, has remained largely unchanged. The report from Mag X hints that 2025 might see the culmination of its production.


Mag X, a prominent Japanese automotive publication, recently reported insider information suggesting that Nissan plans to discontinue the R35-generation GT-R after the upcoming model year. According to the original story, Nissan conveyed to Japanese dealers that future production challenges regarding certain parts of the vehicle prompted the decision.


While the veracity of the Mag X report awaits confirmation, enthusiasts may not have to wait long for clarity. The outlet claims that Nissan will unveil the 2025 GT-R on March 14, potentially shedding light on the limited-production details of the final model year. Reports suggest that only 1500 units will be available, including 300 of the high-performance NISMO variant, although it remains unclear whether these figures are global or specific to certain markets.


Car and Driver reached out to Nissan’s U.S. representatives for comment on the reported end of R35 production after 2025 and the limited production numbers. However, Nissan declined to provide insights into future product plans at this time.

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