Route 71: A tale of vintage cars and UAE heritage

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Vintage car collectors and enthusiasts set off from the Sharjah Old Cars Club (SOCC) on a first-of-its-kind tour in the country, covering a distance of 300 kilometres round trip On UAE’s 52nd National Day, stopping at prominent landmarks of the emirate that narrate the history of the country and reveal development stages under the guidance of the founding leaders, as well as the Sheikhs and emirates’ rulers.

Participants in the Route rally trekked across the desert and mountainous areas of the emirate, passing by landmarks such as the Resistance Monument in Khor Fakkan, the Mleiha Archaeological Centre, the Badayer Oasis, and others.

44 vintage cars

More than 44 vintage cars spanning various eras and styles, including sports, luxury, and popular vehicles—some dating back to 1929, such as the 1929 Bugatti—participated in Route 71, which aimed to foster national unity among participants, create an interactive environment combining a passion for vintage cars, and celebrate the Emirati national identity. It provided a cultural and entertaining experience, highlighting the beauty and diversity of Sharjah and its desert, coastal, and mountainous regions, supporting tourism and advancing the emirate’s appeal as a preferred destination for tourists from within and outside the country.

Ali Mohamed Saab, a vintage car enthusiast living in the UAE and a participant in Route 71, expressed his fondness for the event, especially as it was the first of its kind in the country. He said the rally created a fitting atmosphere for a momentous occasion, providing participants with an opportunity to learn about the history and culture of the emirate.

Saab was impressed by the Mleiha Archaeological Center, one of the most important archaeological sites in the emirate, housing a collection of rare and distinctive artefacts. He also praised SOCC’s services, including logistics, and suggested adding additional stops to explore all Sharjah landmarks and organising more societal and tourist events.

Unconventional celebration of a momentous occasion

Mohamed Fawzi, a Kuwaiti vintage car enthusiast and social media influencer, expressed his happiness in joining the trek in his 1989 Mercedes. He said, “It is an unconventional and beautiful way to celebrate this occasion, bringing participants together to mark UAE’s National Day and providing an opportunity to exchange experiences and unique stories about vintage cars.”

Fawzi praised the Resistance Monument for its splendid view of Khor Fakkan and its modern facilities and services. He also commended the successful rally, especially with SOCC’s meticulous follow-up, providing participants with mobile maintenance workshops.

Route 71 was held in partnership with Emirates Auction, which provided logistical support at each station along the route.

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