Reviving the Grille: Hyundai Mobis’ Solution to Aerodynamic Efficiency in Electric Vehicles

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Electric vehicle (EV) design has taken a drastic turn, with many manufacturers opting for grille-less fronts. However, Hyundai Mobis aims to change that narrative with their innovative approach to aerodynamics. The company has introduced the “Integrated Front Face Module,” a solution that not only enhances airflow but also brings back the traditional grille aesthetic.

Inspired by active shutter grilles, this module incorporates various components that actively open and close to minimize drag. Beyond simple grille functionality, it includes features such as active air curtains, air skirts, grille flaps, and hood vents. These elements work together to optimize aerodynamics while ensuring efficient battery cooling.

This dual-purpose design not only improves the vehicle’s efficiency but also extends its range by approximately 12.4 miles (20 km). Particularly crucial for crossovers and SUVs, where aerodynamic enhancements are limited, Hyundai Mobis’ technology offers a significant advancement in EV performance and aesthetics.

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