Tesla’s Model 2: Pioneering Affordable Electric Mobility

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Tesla’s highly anticipated entry-level electric car, known as the ‘Model 2’, is poised to revolutionize the sub-£25k electric vehicle sector with its imminent production launch next year. Developed under the codename ‘Project Redwood’, this compact electric family car represents a pivotal step for Tesla in maintaining its competitive edge in the rapidly evolving electric vehicle market.


Key Details and Innovations


Development of the Model 2 was confirmed by Tesla CEO Elon Musk in 2020, with production slated to commence in 2025.

The Model 2 aims to bolster Tesla’s position in the electric car market and capitalize on the growing demand for affordable electric vehicles.

A groundbreaking production process dubbed ‘Unboxed’ promises to significantly reduce build costs and streamline production times by minimizing unnecessary assembly steps and movements.

Innovative features include mounting seats directly onto the underfloor battery pack and utilizing next-generation powertrain and battery technology to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

While specific powertrain details have not been disclosed, the Model 2 is expected to offer single- and twin-motor configurations, with the potential for high-performance variants in the future.

Unlike Tesla’s larger models, the Model 2 is believed to feature a unique platform but will adopt the ultra-efficient gigacasting method for construction, optimizing cost-effectiveness.

Initial production is slated to take place at Tesla’s German factory near Berlin, signaling a strategic focus on the European market and cost-saving benefits.

Tesla’s commitment to the Model 2 is evident in its prioritization over other upcoming models like the Roadster and Cybertruck, highlighting its significance in the company’s future growth strategy.



With its innovative design, advanced technology, and competitive pricing, the Tesla Model 2 represents a pivotal milestone in the evolution of electric mobility. As Tesla strives to maintain its leadership position in the electric vehicle market, the Model 2 is poised to democratize electric transportation and accelerate the global transition towards sustainable mobility.

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