Ararkis Automobili’s ‘Sandstorm’ Combines Zero-Emissions Hypercar Power with the Allure of Internal Combustion

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A new electric hypercar promises to upend expectations about sustainable performance. Ararkis Automobili UK, founded by South African tech innovator Priven Reddy, unveils the ‘Sandstorm’. This groundbreaking machine features the innovative ‘Quantum Harmonix’ system, delivering a real-time, adaptive auditory experience that mimics the thrilling roar of a classic internal combustion engine while offering enthusiasts the emotional connection they crave in a zero-emissions package.

Quantum Harmonix system

The ‘Quantum Harmonix’ system isn’t just a gimmick. Its external speakers are cleverly integrated into mock tailpipes within the Sandstorm’s carbon fiber body, maintaining visual authenticity as a nod to traditional performance design. This clever engineering seeks to bridge the gap between cutting-edge EV tech and the sensory experiences purists often miss.

Performance and Partners

The Sandstorm’s promise extends beyond sound. A potential record-breaking 0-60 mph time of 1.5 seconds underscores its performance ambitions. This is made possible by a dual electric motor setup optimized for acceleration and housed within a lightweight carbon fiber shell. The Ararkis Sandstorm’s technology is developed in partnership with CH Auto, an Asian automotive powerhouse known for electric sports cars. Additionally, CH Auto’s recent US market merger valued at $1.7 billion adds serious industry credibility to the project

Industry Outlook

“The Sandstorm embodies our vision to redefine electric hypercar performance,” says CH Auto CEO, Qun Lu, formerly chief production engineer at Jeep. “We are excited to collaborate in this innovative project.”

Industry observers are also intrigued: “If Ararkis succeeds with their authentic engine sound simulation, they could fundamentally alter the way enthusiasts view electric performance,” comments Thomas Dufourd, CEO of VISION Technology, a hydrogen combustion engine developer.

Sustainability and Exclusivity

The use of recycled materials within the luxurious interior reflects an eco-conscious approach that aligns with a luxury audience. “The Sandstorm is designed for drivers who demand unmatched performance and uphold environmentally responsible values,” explains Reddy.

With a limited production run of only 20 units, the Sandstorm is destined to become a highly coveted collector’s item within the emerging luxury electric vehicle market.


About Ararkis Automobili UK

Ararkis Automobili UK is a bold new player in the electric hypercar arena. The company’s dedication to sustainable performance, innovative technologies, and driver-centric design promises to redefine the electric vehicle experience.

About CH Auto

CH Auto is an Asian automotive powerhouse known for its innovative electric sports cars. With a commitment to sustainable performance, CH Auto is a driving force in the electric vehicle market.

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